Superhero Play

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand what children mean when they use superhero play

  • Discuss possible ways to manage and guide this type of play

  • Investigate the possibilities that superhero play can bring to the center

  • Explore policies/guiding and caring philosophies we have on superhero play

  • Review current research on superhero play


This workshop will provide information and strategies for early childhood educators and caregivers about how to support young children with rough and tumble play, superhero play, fighting and weapon play.

For more information: 

I have recently returned to working in a preschool and found superhero play is something educators are struggling with. A question I often hear is


I believe we should. When we combine the following:

















All children have a right to play. This includes superhero play, sometimes weapon play and shocking themes like shooting storm troopers!


The aim of my workshop is to facilitate a discussion on superhero play. I want to connect and share with everyone my experience and hope to open a forum to discuss and share all of our ideas. Knowledge is power, and I hope after completing this workshop you will have a clear idea on how to deal with superhero play.

 Should we allow it? 

 Superhero Play 

 Kindness & 


 Negotiation & 


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 Social & Emotional