Social Justice - Starting Small

Starting Small Can Change Our Communities

As Early Childhood Educators we should remember that we need to connect with communities and give back.


Humanity starts small; children are loving, caring and extremely empathetic. Communities are hurting and centers need more connection to them. Children need exposure to the realities that surround them. They also need to learn to connect and be kind.


The aim of this workshop is to facilitate a discussion on the importance of starting small and creating community in the classroom and connecting outside of the center.

"Peace is what every human is craving for and it can be brought about by humanity through the child"


- Maria Montessori

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand that community begins in the classroom

  • Explore ways to connect to our communities

  • Discuss the benefits of intergenerational activities

  • Investigate what ‘democracy’ looks like in a classroom

  • Integrate social justice in the early childhood education


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