Setting Up Reggio Inspired Activities

“In order to act as an educator for the child, the environment has to be flexible: it must undergo frequent modification by the children and the teachers in order to remain up-to-date and responsive to their needs to be protagonists in constructing their knowledge.”

 - Lella Gandini (1998)

This workshop is designed to help participants understand how to set up reggio inspired activities in their classroom.

These provocative activities can lead to further:

  • Learning

  • Reflection

  • Questions

  • Exploration and discovery

  • Experimenting projects

  • and much more.


We will learn how to implement vibrant table displays that will dazzle the senses, invite curiosity, and enable discovery. 


We will learn how to create flexible environments that are responsive to the needs for the children and teachers to construct knowledge together!

Workshop Objectives:

  • The workshop will be an interactive workshop with video clips, visuals, hands on manipulatives and equipment samples.​

  • This workshop will leave each participant with the following:

  • Handouts – these will be simple and easy to use in the classroom.

  • PowerPoint – this will have information to refer back to and will have a lot of visuals to help inspire the teacher and her classroom.

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