Bringing The Inside Out and The Outside In!

"Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives."
- Thomas Berry 

Get ready to be part of an outdoor play revolution!


Let’s get together and review outdoor play, and how we can bring the inside out and the outside in!


Participants will consider time, space and materials, and the roles early learning educators exhibit to encourage children to experience play in a meaningful way.


Using loose parts in the outdoor and indoor play space, and setting up invitations to play that provoke children’s thinking and ideas.


Workshop Objectives:

  • To discover that you can easily connect the outdoor to the indoor 

  • Understand the importance of being outside for longer periods of time

  • Be inspired to create beautiful environments outside and inside

  • Invite curiosity and discovery both inside and outside

  • To encourage bringing children outside, to connect with nature and promote the benefits of being outside

  • Better understand the importance of free play both indoor and outdoor

  • Review David Sobels seven design principles that can be used to shape outdoor experience that are offered to children

  • Review License Standard of Practice - Active Play

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